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Cultivating Joy in Learning

Life is full of the process of learning and experiencing. A kid starts learning right from
its birth. From crying for food to exploring dimensions of life is a complete process for
kids to learn. According to Susan Ambrose, et al. “A process that leads to change,
which occurs as a result of experience and increases the potential of improved
performance and future learning.”
It is a crucial aspect of life and making it a burden for children worsens the condition
for growth. Filling our education system with enjoyment and fun can lead to better
teaching and learning opportunities. Teachers should find certain ways for children to
explore learning. There are some suggestive techniques to make learning joyful.
Come into the classroom each year like it’s your first.
Teachers should be excited every day to start their session as their first day. Every
session should be exciting and interesting. Excitement leads to curiosity and new
enthusiasm for teaching and learning.
Happiness above all.
Happiness and enjoyment really matter to children. When it comes to learning,
children can embrace learning when they are in a good mood. So it is the teacher’s
responsibility to create such a happy atmosphere in the class which can help
student’s to elevate their focus towards learning.
Play to the student’s interests.
It’s so important to keep up with the trends of what kids like because then they will
pay attention. If you can’t make it valuable and interesting, it’s not going to work. It’s
a challenging aspect of teaching to keep up a student’s interest.
Make it fun.
40-45 minutes teaching session is no joke. Keeping students intact with teachers this
whole time is a challenging task. Introducing fun-learn and play way methods can
improve students’ stamina for learning.
Make it relevant.
Whenever any teacher is taking a session they should keep in mind the relevance of
the topic with the real world. Try to share real world experiences with students to
identify the problems and its solution.
Embrace mistakes.
Teachers should make space for mistakes for students. Students should feel free to
experiment and ask about their curiosity and queries. Children grow up with mistakes
and it is the best method for learning “trial and error method”.
Love hard.
Everybody deserves to be loved, even the toughest kids. No matter how tough a kid
is, they deserve to feel loved.
Give second chances.
Everybody deserves a second chance. If students are willing to improve themselves
or if they are finding it harder or difficult to get along, it is the teacher’s responsibility
to provide a second chance. Because there is always scope for improvement.

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