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Electrical Machines

Mr. Ravi Prakash Mahobia
Assistant Professor (UG AND PG COURCES)
Department of Electrical Engineering
Kalinga University, Naya Raipur Chhattisgarh
Machines used to convert, and transfer electrical energy is called electrical
machines. It may be static machines or rotating machines. Static machines
are those machines that do not have any moving parts example
Transformers are the most important part of the electrical machine as well
the electrical power system. It is used to step up or down the voltage of the
system. Generally, Power generation is done at 11kV or 33 kV, but
transmission needs high voltage for low power loss, here transformers are
used to step up the voltage.
Rotating machines are those machines that contain moving parts like
electric generators, Motors. It may be of AC type or DC type.
Electric generators are used to generate electrical power, converting
mechanical energy into electrical energy while Motors have just the
opposite operation it converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Electric generators are the heart of electricity production. AC generators are
widely used instead of DC Generators. As for the same amount of power
generation, the size of DC Generators is much bigger than AC generators.
Electric motors are widely used around us for domestic purposes (grinders,
dryers, etc), in industries, Vehicles, etc.
Thus we can say that without electric machines, it is impossible to live life
comfortably because everything around us is directly or indirectly
connected to electrical machines.

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