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“ETHICS” and “HUMAN VALUES “ in personal and professional life


“ETHICS” is not just a word, it’s a complete entity in itself that too when it comes to an individual. Though it’s important to have ethics and values in every stage of life at every place, but; the ethics in workplace or professional life and interpersonal relationship plays a vital role. While the world is moving towards the corporate style work load, it’s necessary for all the working professionals as  an individual to maintain the inter personal relationship and safeguard ethics while we come across even aggressive workloads.

The various points on which as an individual focus  in the work place include

  • His / Her behavior and goal towards the institution / organization.
  • His / Her relationship and communication with colleagues i.e superiors as well as juniors.

The main thing  as an educated and social being we must remember is that “ when we meet a person, our degree or position is not projected , what does is the way we interact with a person”. At any stage of life we will receive respect only when we respect others emotions and values, so we are social beings with values and respect and love for humanity.

There is only a slight difference between bold and arrogant. Boldness will make you strong enough to take a stand at any adverse situation while arrogance will pull you back even being from a top position in your life. There is dignity of each and every person in a society because the society needs every class of working professionals and its our duty to respect everyone as a person prior to peeping into their profession. At the same time having values and ethics in one’s life will make him/ her to have a harmonious family environment.

So, it’s very important to work on behavior and human values from early stage of life in the same way we seek our education. By proper ethics and values in life, a person can achieve many success and can win hearts. At the same time, these moral values are  very important to build a successful nation.


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