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Finding Common Ground Between Indian Mythology and Modern Science

Dr. Aloke Verma
HoD & Assistant Professor,
Department of Physics, Faculty o Science
Kalinga University, Naya Raipur (C.G.)


Culture, ethics, traditions, science, and technology are all part of Indian mythology. The epic, legendary story of the Kurushetra conflict between the cousins Kauravas and Pandavas is told in the Mahabharata. This epic, Vyasa’s longest, includes science fiction elements ranging from teleportation to black holes. Here’s how epics are similar to science: Abhimanyu, the Indian epic hero, is both brave and sorrowful. He is Arjuna’s son, and Subhadra is Krishna’s sister. Arjuna took Subhadra on vacation when Abhimanyu was a fetus. Arjuna informed her about his escapades in order to keep her interested. Arjuna once instructed on how to enter Chakra-Vyuha. Chakra-vyuha is a military formation that is used for defence. The army built a circular grid and challenged its opponents to a fight. Subhadra passed out halfway through the story. But someone was paying attention. Abhimanyu had not yet been born. When Arjun saw that Subhadra wasn’t paying attention, he cut his story short. Arjuna has already talked about the chakra-seventh vyuha stage. Only Abhimanyu could break the chakra circles. vyuha’s He did not manage to flee. He learned from Arjuna and grew into a courageous and attractive young man. The Pandavas and Kauravas fought in Kurukshetra after many years. During the battle, the Kauravas employed chakra-vyuha. It was instructed to be broken by the Pandavas. Arjuna and Krishna were fighting elsewhere. It could only be broken by Abhimanyu. Despite the fact that he didn’t know everything, he offered to break the chakra-vyuha. Abhimanyu reached the center after passing through all seven Vyuha circles. He fought valiantly but was defeated by stronger opponents. Then he had to leave the chakra-vyuha, which he had no idea about. Despite his bravery and strength, he was unable to overcome the well-planned maze of fighters. He perished while facing six stronger opponents at the same time. He could enter but not leave the chakra-vyuha. In reality, chakra-vyuha and black holes are comparable. Black hole singularities are analogous to chakra-vyuha centers.All of the conflict’s powerful figures were caught in the crossfire. The opposing side was instructed to enter the chakra-vyuha, which has infinite density and gravitational pull. The army’s seventh line of defense is Event Horizon. The seventh stage was Abhimanyu’s point of no return, similar to the event horizon of a black hole. Before the seventh level, which he easily passed, Abhimanyu’s army could align with the photon sphere. The army patrols the seventh stage in the same way that photons patrol the event horizon. Arrows were used as weapons back in the day.Each arrow was pointing in a different direction. Because of the arrows, the jets appeared to be coming from a black hole. In battle, the most competent are in the center, where they can fight the hardest, while the average are on the periphery. They are constantly bending down and standing up. They’re unstable, like the spinning ergosphere of a black hole. What’s in the middle is obscured by the accretion disk. The black hole, like a chakra-vyuha, packs a lot of matter into a small space. Everything gets washed away by the changing waves. The desire to prove one’s worth forces one into the chakra vyuha. The chakras’ contents are unknown. Only the outside army knows what’s on the inside. The same may be said for black holes. The presence of a black hole is indicated by changes in its surroundings.


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