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Good Food : Chocolate Smile on a face

Khushboo Gupta
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Kalinga University

Food stuff is an amazing and basic necessity of life that brings smile on the face but there are some kind of foodstuffs present in this universe which upon intake gives pleasure feeling even tough in stress condition also. Yes and it is very well known chocolates we all are very fond of it. Sometimes in our life we come across a lot of burden, stress and so on but there is no remedy of this things, we have to do it at any cost but to relax in such a situation we can have some chocolates and return to work this small strategy works a lot but exactly it sounds funny, if funny things clear your hurdle path do enjoy it. In terms of medical sciences chocolate possess antioxidant property it  helps a lot to reduce stress level, it boost up the energy and keep the brain alert to command for work energetically.




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