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High-Level MANET Protocol: Improving the communication in ad-hoc mobile networks


The mobile nodes which use various advanced technologies and innovations right now also face various challenges at the application layer due to various hazards of the market. The High-Level MANET protocol is a concept that can solve the issue of various concerns by bringing a change in the routing protocols at the application layer.


HLMP has been implemented in a mobile communication infrastructure named HMLP API (Rodríguez-Covili et al., in press). The work done on the topic till now is applying various routing protocols according to their features and the area on which it is applied i.e. the problem domain. But the output is not satisfactory to the mark. We can solve the issue by either making a brand new routing protocol that can serve the needs of various problem domains or we can find an available routing protocol that can solve the target problem.

                The routing protocol needs to solve issues like peer detection, MANET formation, management of user’s connections/disconnections, IP assignment, and routing services using several delivery strategies.


A better routing protocol can solve the application domain problem and also provide various benefits required for the smooth running of the ad-hoc network by nomad users.

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