History is the written evidence of ancient events, facts, dates and great deeds of great heroes, rulers and other important persons. In this, marking of political, social, economic, cultural conditions of different countries and different eras is also done.

History mentions the condition of not only the upper class but also the middle and lower class, backward and exploited class. Therefore, the field of history is very broad, in which the whole life of mankind is recorded.

To a large extent, it is right to say that history repeats itself, that is, events that happened in the ancient era, events happen again. Political and social currents reoccur. Political and social currents keep re-flowing.

The effort of a strong country Is always to rule or dominate a weak country. This trend is still present today. Classification is a common process in the country due to various religious, political, military and economic objectives and motivations.

The First World War in 1914–18 was followed by the Second World War in 1939–45. At the end of the First World War, the United Nations was established and after the second war, another organization, the United Nations Organization, was established with the same goals and objectives. This proves that history definitely repeats itself.

There are many natural calamities in human life – like flood, famine, earthquake etc. Some areas of Bihar always remain flood affected.

Due to the monsoon, the water of Yamuna rises above the level every year, due to which thousands of people have to be rendered homeless, there is also loss of life and property. Many years ago the city of Pompeii was destroyed by an earthquake and in 1985 the city of Chile was destroyed by an earthquake. Due to drought, famine has also shown its destruction many times in the world.

It can also be said about social, family and personal relationships that history repeats itself. Friendships happen, flourish and break.

Every day we hear of cases of adulteration. Every day a daughter-in-law has to sacrifice her life on the altar of dowry.

Crimes of killing women are often heard. Patricide, matricide, suicide, homicide – all incidents are repeated. Works full of kindness and generosity keep happening. Self-sacrifice, social service, welfare of the oppressed etc. are common examples of human life, which have been going on for years.

History repeats itself, but it is also true that events recur, but the human characters associated with them differ. Because the form of two events is not the same. There may be one world war after the other in the world, but there is a difference in their objectives, the people involved and the weapons used.

Even in cases of dacoity, theft, murder there are different circumstances, motive and use of weapons.

Apart from this, the views of people belonging to two different eras on any one event may differ, because there is a difference in social values and human beings are ever-changing. Despite the diversity in the recurring forms of events, it cannot be denied that history repeats itself.

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