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Name- Dr.Lubhawani Tripathi

Designation- Associate Professor

Organization – Kalinga University, Raipur




Title- How efficiency of libraries can be increased by inclusion of search engines.


 There are several search engines like Google ,Bing ,Yahoo etc. These help people to access and consume information efficiently and accurately.A lot of Specialized Research materials and rare books are available online. These are very beneficial for researchers, Scholars and students. Search engines are a pocket friendly tool which provides information in a jiffy. The convenience provided by search engines calls for the concern about the future of libraries. In earlier days Libraries were known only for physical books collections, but nowadays library is adapting and catching up with the needs of society. Libraries provide us technology and different digital resources such as online databases,E-Book’s E-Generals etc. library also offer resources that may not be easily available online . In libraries librarians can provide personalized assistance to the learners hence teaching them a lot of academic information such as how to use different sources and can help them to understand Complex information.Libraries provide authentic and biased or reliable information in comparison to search engines. Libraries are effective in creating studious environment and inculcating concentration among the learners visiting it. Search engines can be used as add-ons to the library hence rendering the learning experience more vivid, informative and accurate.


 Conclusion -The search engines are helpful for accessing information but it still lacks behind in few aspects than in libraries.Search engines can help the libraries to promote their evolution and increase their efficiency.




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