Hurdles in Manuscript Publication

Papri Mokopadhyay

For academic excellence publishing scholarly articles in various journals is a regular activity of researchers and academicians. Regarding quality articles, it depends on the researcher to publish articles in a quality journal. Besides, there are thousands of journals worldwide in terms of quality and quantity. The quality of journals depends on their rank and impact factor etc. The researchers face issues regarding publication in quality journals and the most complicated part is a selection of good journals and high APC( Article Processing Charges). Unfortunately, it has become a flurry business in the publication world, and these journals rarely publish quality papers. The question, how the publication world is doing a good business?Indeed a debatable topic. They publish articles outside the scope of the journal with ease. The researchers are influenced by the controversial impact factor, attracted by the number of article publications per year and the claim of ‘peer review’. Besides, publishing hard work in fake journals, wastes time and money. Publications in these journals do not help to achieve anything in professional life. Additionally, the research article does not reach quality readers, and no citations are obtained.Publication in a quality journal is a complex activity as it takes months and years to accept and publish. Sometimes the intimation of rejection takes time without mentioning proper reasons, and the comment may be like, “the article may be interesting but do not go with the scope of the journal”. Structuring the article per the journal’s scope takes work. As a result, the scholars (PhD Or Masters) face the issue of acceptance letters, the most initial evidence to research funding agencies and universities to defend the thesis.The utmost importance is journal selection for a research paper to get published. Research paper publication is not limited to scholars only; it is also a professional demand, or the academicians might need to catch up in meeting professional evaluations. The researchers select journals according to the article and by taking the help of a journal finder, but that sometimes does not suit as the manuscript selection is complex and often APC value is too highof good journals which leads the researchers to publish in clone journals. The problems are not limited, but many in the field of research publications and revolutionary steps should be taken by the research institutes and journal approval agencies; otherwise, the problems may mount and create issues, and readers will be deprived of reading goodresearch articles.



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