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Importance of Indian Tradition

Ms. Aakriti Dewangan

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Department of Social Work

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Modernity is the concept which has been popularized, especially in India, with the advent of British. They have imbibed among indigenous people the notion of wearing modern dress and education of British as superior, while that of Indians inferior, whereas, the Indian tradition has always been rooted in the science. The science which I am talking about is totally embedded in the Indian tradition. Today, people use to deny the local tradition and culture and adopt the western tradition as they consider it as awesome. The so called modernity has impacted the lives of Indian people in a very grand level. The most impacted are the education system and dressing pattern. Before the advent of British, Gurukul system was there for education where besides the written knowledge, the household and life knowledge used to be given. Similarly, the dressing pattern was totally different than that of British.

The science behind all these has been vanishing out. Like the married woman of today do not like to put sindoor on their head due to modernization as the married women of Europe do not follow that tradition and they have been considered as a benchmark for that. But why the Indian tradition is following that from long back, because it has been found out that the sindoor has calming properties, which keeps calm – the mind of woman. Now the question here arises is that why women only should wear this, not men? The answer is that as per Indian tradition, the women have to leave home after marriage and the total relationships, culture, people, tradition gets changed in a moment of time and to deal with them effectively, a calm mind is needed. Sindoor does that work. Similarly, every tradition has its value – scientific value. Every country has that tradition as per the respective climate there. Europe has tradition as per their climate and culture. So, adopting any another culture while being in the India and leaving the country’s own culture is not right.  

Today, the youth feels high in terms of wearing short dresses and adopting western culture and tradition. But somewhere they are leaving the basic fundamentals to live life. There is a need to imbibe among youth the importance of Indian tradition and remain intact upon it.

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