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“Importance of  Millets”


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Dr.Shilpi Shrivastava

Professor & Head Department of Chemistry Kalinga  University  Naya Raipur




A diverse genus of small-seeded grasses called millets is widely farmed as a cereal crop or grain for human and animal use. The majority of the species often referred to as millets belong to the Paniceae tribe, while some millets also fall under other classifications. A significant crop in Asia is millets.

In the semi-arid tropical regions of Africa, South India, Mali, Nigeria, and Niger. 97%This crop is preferred because of its yield and rapid growth season in hot, dry circumstances. Millets are widely distributed in the world. Sorghum and pearl millet, which are significant crops in parts of Africa and India, are the most often farmed millets.

Millets may have been ingested by people for up to 7,000 years, and it’s likely that they had a significant role in the development of multicrop cultivation and permanent farming civilizations. Typically, millets are a warm weather cereal. Contains small grains that grow every year and are related to grass. They can with stand drought and other harsh weather, and their nutrient profiles are comparable to those of other major grains. Millets come in a variety of species, not all of them are necessarily related to one another.


Despite the fact that they can all be found in several tribes or even subfamilies, they are all members of the family Poaceae (the grasses). They are an essential part of India’s ecological and economic security and provide a sizable amount of food and fodder to millions of resourcepoor farmers.Other names for these millets include “coarse cereals” and “cereals of the poor”.

Millet has a lot of dietary fibre, both soluble and insoluble. The insoluble fibre in millet acts as a “prebiotic,” encouraging the development of good bacteria.

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