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Luminescence:  A study for solid state lighting

Dr. Tripti Richhariya
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics, Kalinga University
Naya Raipur (C.G.)

Light, the most important and useful component of our daily life. Nowadays, thinking of life without lighting technology is unbelievable. However, lighting system is not a new phenomenon, while practice of producing light have been done from last many decades. Before the invention of electricity light can be generated by several ways such as burning of wood, candles, massals, rubbing a special kind of stone known as “chakmak patthar” etc. Invention of electricity brings a revolutionary change in this field. This invention makes the ease of light access in many areas. Several lamps have been introduced based on different technologies; like halogen lamp, gas discharge lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps and many more. No doubt, these lamps put forward a superior model for the generation of light, instead they are accompanied with several disadvantages such as low energy efficiency, short life time, produce the warm effect in the vicinity and so on.

To compensate these disadvantages, nowadays, phenomenon of luminescence (pc-converted LEDs) is considered as a superior way to generate light due to their several advantages like it is a cold emission of light, high energy efficiency, long life time etc.

Several works have already been done in this field and many others are in progress to improve this technology not only in solid-state lighting but also in other fields such as wireless lighting system. In this technology everything is controlled without any cable connectivity, LED for all, built in light, connectivity Li-Fi etc.

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