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New Mining Technology Changing the Mineral Industries:

Sultan Azam
Assistant Professor
Department of Mining Engg.
Kalinga University, Naya Raipur

Technological advancements have changed conventional approaches to mining and opened new methods of obtaining resources. Recently, advancements in mining technology not just enhanced the effectiveness of operations but also tackled safety concerns and enhanced safety.

A significant advancement is the introduction of self-governing mining equipment. These days autonomous haul trucks, drilling rigs and loaders are now being increasingly utilized in contemporary mining operations. These machines utilize AI, ML along with sophisticated sensors to navigate across terrain and perform tasks accurately. Autonomous equipment can boost safety by removing the need for human presence in potentially dangerous zones and improve productivity through uninterrupted operation and simplified workflows.

Data analytics and machine intelligence are utilized in mining engineering these days to make crucial decisions. Advanced data analytics and AI are increasingly adopted by business getting insights from huge quantities of information. Anticipatory analysis helps avoid equipment breakdowns earlier, lowering nonproductive time and repair expense. AI algorithms also help in ore frame modeling and mineral exploration, producing more accurate resource allocation projections and more clever extraction.

As environmental issues have developed, mining sector has improved its technology to be sustainable. Innovating these initiatives would be initiatives to save energy reduce waste and maintain water resources. Sustainable mining aims at lowering the environmental footprint of operations via water recycling, eco friendly blasting, along with energy consumption. These advancements align with worldwide sustainability objectives and further enhance the social responsibility policy of the industry.

Digital Twin Technology was created at first for manufacturing and engineering but is currently being used to mining. This particular development produces electronic copies of tangible assets for continual observation and simulation. In mining, digital twins help operators view the whole mining process, improve operations and determine possible obstacles. This particular technological innovation allows better decision making due to its holistic view of the whole mining process from exploration to production.

To conclude, the mining industry is dealing with a brand new era of effectiveness, protection and setting duty due to its technical development. Constant development in autonomous methods, data analytics, along with electronic twin engineering will impact the future of extractive industries. This particular improvement ought to allow responsible resource extraction in response to worldwide challenges.

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