By- Nuresh Kumar Khunte

Assistant Professor (MED)

The phase the country is going through today. I couldn’t believe it seeing him. That this is the same country for which countrymen used sticks to liberate, bullets on their chest jelly. And the beloved sons of Mahabharata laughed and put the noose around their necks. Is there a lot of problems in the country today only for this day? There are so many news of scam and corruption in Doordarshan and Newspapers. So it seems that we have come somewhere in the land of thugs. Somebody has said that outsiders, we have won the battle of the house in Kabul and Kandahar; we should not lose to the traitors of the house. So wake up and let’s go. Make it a golden bird again with wealth. Get the title of Jagatguru again from the science of knowledge.



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