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Post COVID 19 Impact on Higher Education

Sarvaree Bano

Chemistry Department, Kalinga University , Naya Raipur

After the COVID 19, one question come in every mind, what is the impact of COVID-19 on higher education? Before going to understand the impact of COVID 19 in education. It requires that Understanding how the virus has affected the financial stability of nations around the world. The epidemic has destroyed the economies of many nations, and as a result, future family financial ability to pay for children’s higher education will be impacted by the economic hardships.

Following COVID-19, there is an economic recession over the world. Due to impact of health issues of people, world will result in a continued drop in consumer spending, which includes spending on higher education. Parents who are concerned about their financial future will be hesitant to enroll their children in expensive schools. Students at colleges and universities will still turn down an all online education. Fear and financial instability have no antidote.

What relevance do these economic declines and forecasts have to higher education, aside from their effect on families’ capacity to pay?. At some of the most famous colleges in the world, hiring for faculty and staff has been halted, frequently for an entire year. Some colleges, will stop making payments to their staff members’ retirement plans for a full year. The same, in my opinion, applies to institutes of higher learning. Executives from colleges and universities cannot play for the schools of today. They need to picture what their schools would “look like” after the infection is gone and staff, students, and administrators are all free to pursue their interests.

Years may pass before the global economy and higher education fully recover from COVID-19. Another possibility is that the virus will lead to changes in higher education as well as economic growth.

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