Dr. Manoj Mathew, Asst. Professor of Social Work


Social administration is dealing with a significant issue with unemployment. Our leaders are working extremely hard to find a wise solution. A social revolution may be required to fix it if it is not resolved sooner. Repaid population increase is the primary contributor of unemployment. India’s population has tripled since the country gained its freedom. When populations grow, unemployment issues increase, making it challenging for the government to employ a sufficient number of workers. As a matter of principle, it is the responsibility of the government to create as many jobs as it can for everyone. We are fortunate that our government is taking a serious interest in finding solutions to today’s complex problems. Jobs and services in a particular field are frequently insufficient because population expansion is unregulated. Despite their best efforts, many young people become frustrated and disheartened when they are unable to secure jobs. There are three categories of unemployment: those in the labour class who lack education, those with education but no technical training, and those in the technical field, such as engineers and technical workers. Let’s ask them each one individually.


In the case of the labour class, there are thousands of people who depend on daily employment and congregate in one spot for that purpose. They don’t feel particularly let down. They occasionally get jobs, and occasionally they go back to their homes without getting jobs. They are accustomed to adapting to their surroundings, however occasionally when issues with food and clothing present themselves they can also feel irritated and disappointed. The same is true of city labour in general. They are also not very dissatisfied with the village’s agricultural labour because they can readily obtain seasonal work on the farms and fields of large farmers. Since the population of educated people is expanding daily, we are unable to provide a place for them to find employment. As a result, when our educated people go down lonely streets in search of work, they are bitterly disappointed. They only look for clerical jobs since they lack technical and practical expertise, which is insufficient given the rising number of educated people. It has turned into a really sensitive issue that our government is dealing with.


When educated individuals with technical credentials are unable to secure employment despite having the greatest credentials, they frequently become frustrated. There is no disputing the fact that they are very employable due to their technological skills, yet a growing number of such educated individuals are also experiencing unemployment. Education is a really important thing, and everyone should get an education, but the irony is that when we give young people educations, we are not in a position to give them jobs. Our educated kids are disappointed precisely because of this. The educated youth should also adjust their minds and choose self-employment rather than waste their energy traveling in search of jobs and services. This might greatly reduce the very critical problem of unemployment.

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