Scenaric View of the Depositional Landforms of the Karst Topography along the Erstwhile, Yugoslavia

Madhumita Ghosh

Assistant Professor, Department of Arts & Humanities, Kalinga University, Raipur, C.G.


The countries comprise the South east Europe and the Central Europe comprises the parts of Yugoslavia. Slovakia, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Herzegovina. The Karst landforms are the unique features formed by the deposition of the underground water from the limestone, dolomite and gypsum by the process of solution in the chemical weathering. The underneath of the cave is marked by extraneous landform features of various types. Considering the cave, the droplets of calcium carbonate formed along the caves are termed as Speleothems. The droplets calcite and calcium carbonate are hanging like a pillar from the above cave are called as Stalactite, the droplets calcite or calcium carbonate are deposited below the cave and formed as a pillar are called as Stalagmite. The droplets of calcium carbonate deposited along the side of the cave are termed as Helectites or Helegmites. The sideward growth of droplets hanging upwards from the caves are called as Helectites and the sideward deposition of the cave termed as Helegmites. Rounded form of structure is termed as a Globulites. Several types of ceilings hanging like a curtain in an around the cave are termed as cave curtains. When these stalactite and stalagmites joined together, they are termed as Compound Stalactites. Several types of tourists been attracted by the most luggish and Scenaric beauty of this region.



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