Ms. Shinki K Pandey

Faculty of Commerce & Management, Kalinga University, Raipur.

Smartness has arisen in the operations and activities of the tourism and hospitality sector. Smart ICT applications & tools are necessary towards the development of smart infrastructure at the tourist destinations. A large number of cities are exploring advanced technologies and innovations. The main purpose of this article was to explore the smartness and smart functionality of several smart cities throughout the world, notably Dubai, Amsterdam, London, and New York City etc. This article is related to a lot of smart operations and activities of various towns. Smart activities and functions must be expanded not just globally, but also locally and domestically. Initially, the relevance of technology was emphasized to the destination’s inhabitants and visitors. Technological and electronic resources, as well as apps, have altered the way people travel and live in urban centers. These sources are used by both residents and tourists’ people to utilize smart services available throughout the city. Technological innovations have altered the way we live in today’s society. The notion of smart tourism and technology is then addressed, to efficaciously accommodate travelers. All tourism services are bundled together with digitalization. Some smart cities, in conjunction with their smart tourism services, smart technology, smart apps, and smart infrastructure, are summarized here in the article. On a worldwide scale, it is crucial to enhance tourism experiences and promote smart destinations.

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