Dr .Harsha Patil

Associate Professor

Department of Education, Kalinga University, Naya Raipur


Moore (2001) defined teaching as “the activity of someone who seeks to help others reach their full potential in all areas of development.” Effective teaching requires a wide range of skills and the ability to use those skills in a variety of situations.

Effective teachers can explore students’ experiences and create an understanding of students’ ability to analyze what happens in classrooms and students’ lives One of the global problems in education is the decline in the quality of education. In addition to increasing the volume of education, it is also important to maintain the quality of education. Conscious people want to send their children to a good school and they also look for a good teacher.

 Many opportunities are given to educational institutions these days. The number of teachers will also increase, the number of institutions will increase. But for some reason the quality of education in these educational institutions is not certain. The teachers working in these educational institutions are also highly qualified.

A good teacher is not the same as a highly qualified teacher that means an effective teacher. What could be the reason for the quality deterioration? Is the teacher unable to teach effectively? Quality education is a prerequisite for national, regional and global development. To provide high-quality education, we need high-quality teachers who are dedicated to teaching and who have the knowledge, skills and qualifications necessary for effective teaching.

Only high quality teachers and teaching can be a strong factor in nation building and social restructuring. Teachers are the person who can develop and mold students into good citizens. From the point of view of good citizenship of our future nation, it is therefore very important that our students be offered a quality education. To provide quality education, the teacher must teach effectively. No one can be born a teacher, it is possible through education. Academic qualification alone is not a criterion for an effective teacher. To be effective teachers, they must be professional.

The qualities associated with effective teachers are trust, reliability, respect, commitment, analytical thinking, conceptual thinking, striving for improvement, initiative in seeking information, flexibility, sense of responsibility and passion for learning, etc. An effective teacher acts as a guide, evaluator, participant and motivator to promote student participation and provide updated knowledge.

 The teacher must present facts and concepts from related fields, discuss from the perspective of the students and present the origins of ideas and concepts. In any type of teaching, the teacher has a central position, and it is the duty of teacher educators to encourage these values ​​among teachers in early childhood education.

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