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The Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today as we all know, AI is ruling the world with its immense features and enhanced tools. At the same time we are aware about the job crisis created in various sectors by the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.  Apart from this there is a slow poison growing in the society as a whole ,which we are not much aware about or doesn’t care as we are ignorant about the out comings. Just think about the 80’s and 90’s era where people were connected to each other more emotionally than digitally as we see these days. Now a days we are unable to imagine our single day of life without social media and digital platforms. Seeing the emerging growth in the sector of digital gadgets and AI, its not a myth that in the coming future there will a world created where machine will rule us and we search for help, though we don’t get one as we would have already handover the whole power to Artificial Intelligence in order to make it perfect and competitive. By the time when we realize the danger, we would have already under the control of AI. The concern is not a joke as already the milestone started as we hear the news regarding the production of human babies in the laboratories of China by the use of Artificial Intelligence. Such human is more machine than a social being, since they are not emotionally connected, there is no boundaries of any deeds for them. At the same time, they are more strong , can be programmed and updated with new versions time to time by their own and they don’t need man’s (who is a creator) help for them to sustain. Imagine the future where we have all the ultra modern facilities, gadgets and all the digital facilities in our finger tip but no freedom as you are always under surveillance by the Artificial Intelligence, am sure one can feel the suffocation if he/she deeply think about the same. The time for the same is not so far, if we get up and realize the future ongoing danger, am sure we can restrict ourselves from over dependency. The only way out to the problem is less dependency on the updated digital gadgets and restricting certain day to day life on oneself than laying back everything in Artificial Intelligence based modern systems. Stay grounded and live the free life without fear as the mankind and humanity is above all. If growth must go on, then grow emotionally and raise humanity and in that way we can preserve the mankind for the upcoming generations.



    Anu G.Pillai

    Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering Department


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