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The Role of Color in Logo Design



Colors play a vital role in our life; it impacts our way of interacting with our surroundings. It also elucidates our personality through the choice of colors. It has a significant impact on behavior and human action. Renowned brands target the segment through the choice of colors in their logo. Premium brands such as Adidas, Gucci, and Apple use colors like Silver, Golden, and black to show their brands more sophisticated to their audience. Food brands such as KFC, McDonald’s, lays, MTR, and Maggie choose combinations of vibrant colors like red, yellow, white, and green to make their logo stand out and be eye- catching. These colors also evoke taste-buds and stimulate the appetite so buyers can stick to that brand. The strategic use of color helps a brand establish its unique identity and connect with its target audience. 


Nisha Taram, Faculty of UX Design

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