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Water Conservation: Are We Even Doing Anything?

Ms.Sujata Singh(Asst.Prof.MGMT Dept.)


We know how water, an essential resource on which the entire human race dependson is becoming scarce. There are lakhs of people in India, who already facing the burnt of irregular water supply or are living without clean drinking water As a result citizens are getting affected by waterborne diseases. Even though we have been taught about water conservation since the early years of our lives, yet the contribution from everyone is not as significant as it should be.



Water covers approximately 71% of the world’s surface, 97% of which is salty ocean and sea water which cant be used for drinking purpose.  The remaining 3% is made up of drinkable water from streams, lakes, and river systems. Repaid urbanisation, irregular monsoons, accelerated underground water use, and poorly regulated sewage have placed the country in danger and made it challenging to quench the majority’s thirst. The world is currently experiencing a water crisis, and it will not take long before another country or large city will replace Cape Town.

Solution and conclusion

It is our principal concern as citizens to support  the government through our activities. The first step is to use a restricted amount of water when cleaning the house and kitchen equipment, brushing teeth, showering, and cultivation. Universities and colleges and workplaces should begin planting trees as promptly as possible. Everybody should come up with feasible solutions and raise consciousness about the necessity and techniques for consuming water. There exists a solution to each issue and in this case, it is “we” who must change our steps in order for things to change.



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