When we will turn moral?

Dr. Vijay Bhushan

Asst. Professor, (English)

Arts and Humanities Department

Kalinga University


AICTE, UGC, CBSE, State Boards, etc are very much probing into the value based education in India now. In the recent years this insight has flourished a lot: value education for students; value education trainings for the teachers; FDPs, Conferences’ for faculties and what not is emerging day by day. I being a faculty simply introspect myself to asses that really am I so immoral such that I need to be taught this value education in the mid age of my life. What for I have to inculcate this morality in my personality? Is it so because I am not fitting into the standard parameters of absolute morality frame work? or it has to be taught because I am really immoral by virtue of my instinct itself. Anyways, how I am? is only know to me only, for which I don’t think that really I need to give any justification to someone. But what about the others to whom these have to be taught or are being taught.

When I was in school we had this subject in our course curriculum. It was taught only once in a week. Unfortunately it was given the least priority.  As such it was not even compulsory to pass this exam. It was considered as a minor subject with only a couple of classes during the session’s time. Even this subject could not move with us from primary level classes to middle level classes. But now after a gap of such a long time period why this value based education has turned so important. It really seems astonishing. More so ever those who are inducting this subject into the university curriculum so are they themselves so pious and moral enough. The tragic irony is that those who are inducting it, implementing it, teaching it and are being taught are all far away from their own moral values directly or indirectly. None of the stakeholder in academics is practicing it in their personal and more specifically in professional life. In order to achieve their motive people seldom move into the path of morality. The primary motive is to get the work accomplished whether they have to adopt SAAM, DAAM, DAND, BHED Neeti. We hardly hesitate to cross this fine boundary between morality and immorality. Trespassing this boundary as per own need is the most convenient solution to our problem. Whereas sticking to the morality is like a hard nut to crack. But it is not like a stone which cannot be turned up. Everything can get topsy-turvy but it only needs a firm mental determination to remain abided by it. But this determination is taking very high for which people prefer to keep themselves away from it so that their work can run smoothly and they can move ahead in their lives. But how long the entire system will move on like this? How long will this take to make the society feel the real need of morality? When that threshold point will come when people would really want to turn moral? When that time will come when you will take a firm determination to not support any immoral practice anymore?

Yes, indeed! That time will come in not only your life rather it will come in everyone’s life. That time will come when your own daughter will be raped; when your own family member will fall prey into the clutches of demons.  Your eyes will open to turn moral when your own son will be rejected in any Job interview; due to the immoral academic system; which has given the degree but no worth with it. Your morality will awaken when your parents will be killed by the unskilled doctor who never ever deserved to be a medical professional. This list is never ending. Life will go on like this, we will live like this. We are bound to live a corruption full life. We cannot lead a calm, cool and moral life. Our system will not allow us to survive unless we don’t enjoy and practice treacherousness, filthiness and all malpractices in our surroundings.  I don’t know if the society will turn moral then we won’t be able to tolerate that morality. Neither our bodies nor our soul and mind are ready for it. Even we won’t be able to live a normal life. So be immoral, be unethical, be irrational and be happy in it only for survival in this niche only. Indians this is your destiny. 





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