3d Bioprinting Technology In Sciences

3D bioprinting is the process of creating cell patterns and 3D model in a confined space using 3D printing technology, thereby preserving cell function and viability within the printed construct. We can also say that a 3D bioprinter is a highly specialized 3D printer which is designed AND constructed to protect living cells during the printing process. Bioprinters are now capable of creating functional biological structure of the body parts.

The specialized material which is used for the technology is known as bioink, creates the structures in a layer-by-layer. The technique is widely applicable and is getting useful in various fields of medicine, biotechnology and bioengineering. Recently, the technology has even made advancements in the production of cartilage tissue for use in reconstruction and regeneration.

In essence, bioprinting works same as that of conventional 3D printing. A digital theoretical model becomes a physical real 3D object layer-by-layer. In this instance, a living cell suspension is utilized instead of a thermoplastic or a resin.

For this reason, in order to optimize cell viability and to achieve a printing resolution adequate for a correct cell-matrix structure, it’s necessary to maintain sterile and hygienic printing conditions. This ensures accuracy in printing complex tissues; cell-to-cell distances, and gives correct output.

In human body everything is made up of cells, and nature itself has been evolving the capability of programming cells to do specific jobs for millions of years. The human embryo is the best, natural and beautiful realistic example of this biological manufacturing process. Every cell start to begin in body as a stem cell and then it is biologically programmed, that what specific function they had to do, through the natural biologic process inside the body.

Poonam Sahu

Assistant professor, Department of Pharmacy, Kalinga University,

Email id: poonam.sahu@kalingauniversity.ac.in

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