5G Technology with Hologram Technology


Assistant Professor - Department of Information Technology Kalinga University, New Raipur

 5G is a trending cellular technology it will change the flexibility of wireless services, creates dynamic Spectrum Sharing.      

5G (Fifth Generation) technology is the future of digital world, it will change the way of data representation. As well as boost, the data transfer rate. With the help of 5G, cellular technology data sharing will be too easy in a graphical way and I can also say that every object can be represented virtually using(with the help of) our smartphones, tablets, laptops or other electronics devices. 

The Data (Digital data, video, and image) can be projected through Hologram Technology, during video calling video will be projected as an object using a hologram projector and that can be future technology.  

 5G will create a revolution in the digital world (Digital “Duniya”) with Hologram technology. 

Hologram Technology:

  • It enables a wavefront of recorded and re-constructed data, using the holography technique we can represent data in a 3D (three Dimensional) way.
  • Hologram technology uses a light field for recording or representing data as an object format.

5G technology Features:

  • 5G technology is purely based on OFDM (Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing)
  • 5G delver excessive multi Gbps data speeds.
  • Performance 20 Gbps data speed.
  • 5G will be working work with Wi-Fi 6 wireless.
  • More reliability.
  • Highly network capacity.
  • Ultra-low latency.
  • It will increased availability





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