A Composite Member-Concrete Filled Steel Tube (Cfst) In Modern Construction

In modern construction, structural application in the form of different composite columns, struts, precast and fabricated members is used in construction work. One of the most popular structural applications around the world’s  composite  members like  sand filled steel tube ,hollow steel tube and RCC columns is Concrete filled steel tube as economical and axial type of load is easily resisted by concrete and it also develops radial force due to circular column which enables it to bear high strength and give excellent performance in earthquake resistant properties such as high ductility serviceability and large absorption capacity .Most of the construction companies are using these composite members for developing earthquake resistant buildings in smart cities or heavy structures.

This type of structure can offer advantages like:

  • Time management due increase in speed of construction
  • Improving life of structure as per factor of safety
  • Functioning of steel tube as both formwork and reinforcement for the concrete core.
  • Simple standardized connections.

The structural behaviour of the composite column influenced by bond strength between steel tube and concrete core thus increase compressive strength due to confinement and concrete in compression is usually characterized by stress strain relationship and obtained from unaxial standard compression test. During loading in composite members there is development of circumferential stress in two forms longitudinal stress and lateral pressure from concrete dilation.CFST failure on their materials properties and geometric configuration and most domain failure mode is the local buckling of steel tube and infilling of concrete.

Concrete filling increases the energy absorption capacity especially for hollow steel section even though the strength and behaviour of concrete filled steel tube and the long term effects creep shrinkage of the concrete are supposed to have smaller influences on the load bearing capacity of the composite column but they also increases fire resistances due to the cooling effect of the concrete core on the steel section when composite column are subjected to fire.

The CFST plays great role in seismic performances and bear higher shear compression force then RC columns during earthquake and remain safe to multistory building and used as advanced techniques by using combination of materials in construction management.

Piyush Das

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Kalinga University

Email Id: piyush.das@kalingauniversity.ac.in

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