A Universe for a teacher

Ms. Khushboo Gupta

Assistant Professor - Faculty of Pharmacy Kalinga University, New Raipur

For a teacher a small classroom is a universe, the entire world into one compact area. The most amazing part of classroom  is the regular different happenings in the same environment here environment has been compared with the classroom to which a teacher and students stick to be there for the whole session. It is a complex and very pleasure giving combination of different students and interaction with them . A teacher plays different roles in the classroom sometimes mentor, friend, parents, adviser, leader, competitor. The feelings of students and teachers in the classroom is like moulded into shapes of celebration , scolding , discussion and many more. I am comparing the classroom with universe because in this universe we have different climates and this climates has been compared with the mood of students and teacher, we have different community and here it is compared with the happenings inside the classroom , we meet with different people with different opinion so that is also there in classroom. In shot for a teacher, classroom is a complete world where they can experience and learn a lot by themselves and also shape the life of a student.


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