Adoption Of Artificial Intelligence In The Field Of Pharmacy And Biotech:

Artificial intelligence in Pharmacy field refers to the use of automated algorithms to perform tasks and duties which traditionally depends on human intelligence. Over the last few years, the use of artificial intelligence in the field of Pharmacy and Biotech industry has been redefined and has become useful for scientists to develop new drugs, to tackle disease, and help fighting infections. The applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in Pharmacy and healthcare are numerous and it will bring a revolutionary change, such as in drug discovery and in research. The aim of this article is to provide information that what we expect from artificial intelligence in Pharma field. AI can cover various areas like:

  • AI will help in developing new drugs
  • AI can help to tackle diseases which were previously deemed too difficult to take on
  • AI and drug adherence
  • AI can help to make sense of clinical data
  • AI can help in identification and finding the correct patients for clinical trials

Artificial intelligence in Pharma can help save many more lives than ever before. Merck is one of leading pharmaceutical companies which is  partnering with AI-focused companies to make  advancement in drug discovery.GSK entered $43 M drug discovery collaboration with UK-based AI-driven startup Exscientia; Pfizer entered collaboration with IBM Watson for immuno-oncology drug discovery research, and the list goes on. We can make AI a huge success in drug discovery but all it requires is large deep learning, a field of machine learning that is built using artificial neural networks that model the way neurons in the human brain talk to each other. This technology can help to train systems to analyse a large sets of chemical and biological data which help in identifying drug candidates with high success rates very much faster than humans.

Poonam Sahu

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy, Kalinga University

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