Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Construction Industries

Dr. N.K. Dhapekar

Assistant Professor - Department of Civil Engineering Kalinga University, New Raipur

Since decade , technologies related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been used successfully  in various sectors of Civil and Construction Engineering . Actually Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques hold the important position in the industry due to the existence of miscellaneous structures such as skyscrapers. Furthermore , we have seen the use and emergence of AI in the civil engineering sector, which implements the use of smart programs and algorithms, big data, and neural networks which converted to good performance and serviceability. Consulting engineers , builders , and construction fraternity have all been using AI to resolve all sort of practical problems. For example , Artificial Intelligence (AI) in construction sector has become well organized , with better performance to carry construction operations smoothly. AI techniques is also implemented in design of structures, disaster management , and quality control. It is observed that civil engineering sector and construction companies are applying AI practices and are running in good condition. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a broad spectrum of provisions in construction sector . Machines can predict which helps an individual to  perform efficiently .

AI for Designs of Complex structures-

With urbanization of metro cities globally the biggest challenge to cope up is to construct tall buildings with irregular shapes and heights. We have to ensure that the sustainable development with green boundaries and standards is to be implemented .This is all made possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence .Civil engineers has to create and plan structure models before execution of the activity. AI prove to be usefull to explore the possibilities to enhance planning using available database from previous records.

Sheduling & Costing-

Big construction projects are prone to major mistakes as they are mostly planned within a stipulated time period and with less details related to the scope of the work.

As the project cost  can’t be restricted ,  AI helps in giving true situation in actual practice which makes an individual to cater and cope up with the actual situation to frame exact budget and shedule. Latest programs helps civil engineers to plan and execute projects properly with high accuracy .

Disaster Management-

Construction activities have lots of risk factors which may cause fatal accidents. AI gives the facility to collect and analyse data which may prove to be usefull in avoiding risk.AI helps in guiding to avoid the risk and one can conclude something meaninfull information which may avert disasters on site.AI bassed electronic devices can track all activities on site which may prove to be usefull in avoiding accidents and disasters.Workers safety can also be ensured taking better decisions.

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