Artificial intelligence a new evolution in pharma Industry

Mr. Sudeep Mandal

Assistant Professor - Kalinga University, New Raipur

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the capability of a computer or robot that is controlled by computer that can be used to do such type functions that is usually performed by the with smart human beings. Newell and Simon were first to develop the AI program in 1995. The term artificial intelligence was introduced by John McCarthy. There is various technologies and devices that used the artificial intelligence are Smart phones, drone technology, social media sites such as faebook, twitter and instagram, some video games also utilizes the artificial intelligence, Navigation system and travel, banking system, search engines such as google, yahoo and Online adds network etc. Artificial intelligence can be utilized by the pharmaceutical industry for the development of the new drug molecules and also helps in the regenerating the drug that is already exists. In the recent years the use of AI in the pharmaceutical industries has been tremendously increased and this technology can save lots of time and also reduce the cost of the production. Drug discovery and development is a very long process. It requires about 15 to 18 years for developing new drug entities and is also require millions of funds and the large manpower. So with the help AI technology one can reduce the cost as well as the time require for the development of the new drug molecule.  The relationship between the various drug formulations and its parameters can be better understood by the help of AI technology. Major pharmaceutical company already started to use AI technology to assist in the research and development of new drug molecules. Researchers and Scientists of major pharmaceutical company started to teach the AI technology to read and understand the various research papers to make relationship between the drugs and the clinical trial outcomes to develop the new drug molecules.


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