Do one’s bit

Mrs. Srishti Namdeo

Assistant Professor - Faculty of Pharmacy Kalinga University, New Raipur

We all have to do our bit to help out. To create a change the basic and the smallest unit of society, one should start. In this hustle sometime all we need sustainability, whether you are already committed or just beginning with a reuse, repurpose and recycle plan, it is to serve as a reminder  that our individual action matter. Sustainable living is a round the clock approaches, celebrating all the facilities gifted by nature and what are you giving in return, throwing things in dustbin and creating landfills? Kalinga University has taken its bit, being in acres, the gases and radiation emissions are returned with the Oxy-Zone’s. The trash created in the campus is either composted or been used in styling the beauty or premises. One should start thinking at one’s end, which will do make and bring changes. Changes that sustain, relieve and flourish the living.

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