Elizabeth’s Journey from Queen to Princess

Mr. Chandan

Assistant Professor - Kalinga University, New Raipur

After the demise of king George VI, Britain was sure to get a Queen. When Elizabeth moved to Kenya from Britain, she was a princess but returned as  Queen Elizabeth II on 6th February, 1952. On 2nd June, 1953 she was crowned officially as the Queen of England.Queen Elizabeth left for heavenly abode at the age of 96. Being the eldest in the family after King George VI she was the Queen and not her younger sister Princess Margaret. Queen Elizabeth completed her education and had interests in riding horses, dogs which were stretched to her lifetime, she even used to bet in the horse riding competitions.

In 1947, when India was preparing for its independence, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip got married. The marriage celebrated in a royal manner and shortly after that they resumed their duties towards the royal family. In 1952 they left for Kenya and King George VI health deteriorated and even his visit to Australia was cancelled several times. After which it was decided that after returning from Kenya Prince Philip and Elizabeth will tour to Australia, but shortly everything changed as on 6th February, 1952 King George VI died. As Elizabeth was living in the rural parts of Kenya, the message of her father’s demise reached a bit later. But soon after she got the message Elizabeth and Prince Phillip cancelled their trip and returned to Britain, Elizabeth was only 25 when King George VI died.

*Queen Elizabeth’s Demise*

After the second world war, Britain surely was the winner but it got weakened, and because of which Britain pulled back over states it was ruling and the powers over these states gradually were allotted to local governments but this was the time when Queen Elizabeth was crowned as the Queen. When at the age of 25 she became the Queen, everyone expected something from her.

1961 was the time when everything changed, it was the time when she visited Ghana and Ghana at that time was facing several difficulties and apart from that Ghana was feared to have a dictator to rule it. But barring all difficulties Queen Elizabeth visited Ghana, solved the problems of Ghana and raised her status as a woman and a head in the eyes of people. In 1957, Ghana acquired freedom which was followed by a lot of violence.

In 1961, Queen Elizabeth had to visit Ghana but the officials around her advised her not to do so but she totally sidelined the idea of her officials and visited Ghana. 5 days earlier to her visit, Ghana was bombarded , barring this she visited Ghana, spent time with the locals and marked it as successful visit. The ruler of Ghana decided to work in parity with Britain. This visit of Queen Elizabeth majorly impacted other common wealth countries.

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