Facile Life with Computer

Ms. Anjali Swamy

Assistant Professor - CSE Department
Kalinga University, Naya Raipur

Computers are the basic need nowadays for our daily routine. Without computers, we can’t imagine our life. Due to dependency in all walks of life, we are not able to function smoothly. This further became more evident at the very crucial time of COVID-19. Due to COVID-19 our life suddenly came to a standstill. We had to get used to the New Normal during the pandemic where everything was under lockdown. During this time our entire life routine was dependent on a Machine and that was our Computer. Our shopping, our education system, our social life, and the work from home culture became heavily dependent on the computer.

The computer gives us various facilities to make our life as easy as possible. Nowadays the entire ecosystem involves the use of one Machine. We don’t need to go anywhere for shopping or to buy groceries, we just raise an order on the computer and get it delivered to our homes.

Where in the times of COVID-19 the education system was also affected adversely, and to maintain the flow & dissemination of education the computers helped us to bring education in an online mode. Certain apps like Zoom Meet, Google Meet, Microsoft, etc facilitated in providing lectures, sharing of resources & information, conducting exams, assessments, etc through the computers, and bridging the gap between teachers and their students.        

In the education sector, teaching and learning reached new highs by using computers more extensively in our life. We can find answers virtually on any subject in a moment and can communicate this information in several ways in real-time.

To conclude, computers have further changed our life beyond imagination and continue to play an important role in human life and behaviors. It provides advanced facilities for our life and also creates effective learning, production, control, and utilization.

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