Financial Autonomy: Only a Gender Role?

Prapti Chopra

Assistant Professor - Faculty Of Commerce & Management

When I was a little girl, I always use to overhear the conversations of people around. They used to declare that they would urge their sons to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, and so on, but when asked about their daughters, they always said that she would do the housework or marry a settled NRI or someone from the same Clan.

I always use to wonder if you are teaching your sons to study and do something great in life then why you are not teaching the same to your daughters & if you are teaching your daughters to cook and manage household chores then why you are not teaching your sons the same.

When we talk about our culturally rich India, we see that the Female Labour Participation Rate had fallen to 20.3% in 2019.

That means only 203 out of 1000 women in India are contributing to Nation’s Economic Growth and Development. Even after a lot of debates, movements, and protests, there is no progress in the situation.

If all the women seek financial autonomy, they will have the ability to live life on their terms without depending on any opposite Gender, and also when she learns she will pass it to future generations with this Our India will transform and become “ONE DEVELOPED NATION ONE DAY” 

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