Hill myna

The Bastar myna bird (Gracula religiosa) is that the state bird of Chhattisgarh. a handful of years ago its numbers had drastically reduced. It’s attributable to its mimicking ability and putting look that the bird is captured for the pet exchange in massive numbers.
The Bastar myna bird grows up to twenty nine cm, that is slightly larger than the Common myna bird. It’s lined in coal-black feathers and during a putting distinction, has bright yellow wattles or patches of naked skin on the edges and rear on its head. It has a stark orange beak and yellow feet. The Bastar myna bird is found solely within the central region of Asian nation, whereas sub species of hill myna bird area unit native to alternative components of Asian nation, Sri Lanka, components of China and South and geographical region. They were once found in People’s Republic of Bangladesh, however area unit currently believed to possess become domestically extinct thanks to environment destruction and capture for the pet trade.
Hill myna like area unit as wherever precipitation and wetness are each high. They like jungles, evergreen, and wet deciduous forests. They happen in dampish or semi-evergreen forest in lowlands, hills and mountains. Myna bird is monandrous and typically occur in pairs and do occur in tiny teams. Their flight is speedy and direct, and on the wing their wings turn out an equivalent whirring sound. Myna bird has vary of loud calls – whistles, wails, screeches, and gurgles, typically melodious and infrequently terribly human-like in quality. Myna bird is  all-devouring bird and kill fruits, berries, seeds, flowers, insects and lizards. Their nesting and breeding season is between March to Gregorian calendar month. They build a nest in tree hole by victimization grasses, leaves, and feathers. The same old clutch is 2-3 eggs and deep-blue, sparsely noticed and patterned with chromatic or chocolate coloured. The time period typically lasts between fourteen to eighteen days. Each sexes incubate eggs, however feminine spends longer incubating than the male, however, each oldsters tend the young equally once they hatch. As they’re endemic to the present a part of the country, their conservation ought to be dispensed with at the most priority by the state forest department.

Shoukilal Chouhan

Assistant Professor-Department of Zoology, Kalinga University

Email id: shoukilal.chouhan@kalingauniversity.ac.in




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