How does Branding affect consumer loyalty?

Ms. Riya Goel

Assistant Professor - Kalinga University, Raipur

Consumers are the king in the present world. Whether it is traditional or digital marketing, they prefer the brands, and the success story of such brands depends on consumer loyalties what a brand gives. A brand always prefers to maintain its existing consumers. It is how many consumer loyalty programs a brand promotes to retain them by doing further business. Yet, the new consumers prefer your brand due to the existing consumer loyalties a brand gives as continued patronage to promote their sales and services. Here is how it is affecting consumer loyalty in real time.


Product Development


Innovations are necessary to implement by a brand while promoting their products. A brand will get a better product image from the existing and new customers. Conducting surveys and loyalty programs is the best way to see what your existing consumers see in their brand. Taking consumer feedback will help you deliver them by making innovative products that your customers like. Thus, taking consumer feedback with care will build your brand image further. If you serve online, it is the only way to exist in present-day competition and thrive in the local and international markets.


Customer Satisfaction


A brand image does not get from bringing top models and famous figures in advertisements or promotions. In the end, customer satisfaction drives a brand. A business not providing proper customer service will find a decline in sales even from their existing customers. You cannot entertain new customers as they read product and service reviews before availing them. Thus, whatever kind of CRM you have, a better quality audit will help to resolve at the needed time. A brand image will come down if they lack or pay attention to better customer care or services. Any form of the customer loyalty program will not work further if your band does not have a good image with your customers.




A brand giving many giveaways and loyalties to consumers is always preferred the most by present-day global consumers. When it comes to competition, a brand has local, regional, and online competition from the international markets. Thus, a new product or service launch with many consumer loyalty programs will be a hit with your customers and the non-targeted audiences. A continued loyalty program will help to acquire new customers. It will help if a brand plays and shows fairness in each loyalty program they give to customers.   


Fairness in Consumer Loyalty Programs 


A brand under unfair consumer loyalty program practices will not succeed in the long run. Many scams are happening by rewarding the brand’s family members, staff, and family members. It is advisable to show the best practices and be transparent in conducting such timely loyalty programs. Bad practices within the business to promote a brand will not help in the short run too. Companies must give full details, terms, conditions, and other policies to their customers before launching online or in real-time for the benefit of consumers. It will be a flop, and your band image will go down when you do unfair practices in conducting consumer loyalty programs online and offline.  




Any brand will try to gain the trust of its existing and new consumers. Naturally, better trust is gained from customers when you follow the best practices and deliver what you promise. Giving many loyalties and gaining customers will not work in the longer run. Trust is gained when you provide the same to your existing and new customers.   


Consumer Loyalty Awards


As I said earlier, consumers are the king; the Customer Loyalty Awards is a poof in the real world. A brand following traditional or digital marketing consumer loyalty programs is awarded at the end. A brand coming in the top order will feel proud that they are doing its best to fulfill its customer needs. A brand that does not come under the list is understood as lacking consumer-friendly approaches. Thus, any brand has competition in consumer loyalty programs too. They are rated and ranked by many business rating agencies and survey companies. Your brand image is customer-driven, and you will come in the Customer Loyalty Awards when you give better products and do better services to your customers.

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