How To Motivate The Students

The best stories, lesson, literature in the world won’t get student excited about learning and ready to work, if they are not motivated. So whether you are a new faculty or an experienced one, try using those methods to motivate your students that encourage them to love up to their true potential.

  1. Give prompt regular and affirmative feedback-

“A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials”-Chinese process

Feedback is the connecting link between a students performance and teachers explanation. In other words it is teacher’s evaluation of the performance. If you are happy with someone’s performance appreciate it. Administration is free of cost and gives result.  Appreciation: Is the prime motivation to all the students. Give credit to the students when they deserve it. Keep in mind the golden rule that a good teacher must “appreciate publicly, but criticize personally”.

A good teacher remains cool and calm in unfavourable situations as well. Regular feedback will lead to a more open exchange of ideas and thought. Do keep the feedback precise and practical. Be sincere, genuine, humble and empathetic. Ensure that your feedback in clear without being overly simple or complex, concentrate on hoe the performance of the student can be improved.

  1. Understand students requirement- to understand students’ motivational factor. I conducted a survey to identify various aspects that influence students. According to my survey the most 5 crucial elements are:
    1. Their personal inferent to the subject.
    2. Significance of the topic
    3. Self confidence of the faculty
    4. Knowledge of the faculty
    5. Endurance or fortitude of the faculty.

However, different students strive for different objectives in the classroom. Some of them are-

  1. To learn something new
  2. To enhance their knowledge & skills.
  3. To overcome future hurdles
  4. To become proficient
  5. To achieve growth in career

To meet up above expectations, a teacher must upgrade his/ her knowledge and skills regularly. Learn things that are really important & that would enhance your productivity each day add value to your work you are doing. Hence, it is essential for the teachers to identify students’ needs and make suitable modifications and adjustments in the teaching plan.

  1. Encourage active participation-

Some students are unsurprisingly keen to learn, but most of them need someone who can constantly encourage, engage, excite, confront and kindle them. To inspire students to become independent teachers can stimulate involvement in students. Ask them to always keep in mind the process. “one who ask is a fool for two minutes, but he who dies not ask remains fool forever. A teacher can contribute a lot to enhance students’ motivation, persuade them to take their own decisions. The teacher can encourage the participation of the students in following way.

  1. Occasionally asking their opinion.
  2. Cheering their ideas and views.
  3. Discussing important news and events with them.
  4. Encouraging feedback.
  5. Keeping them informed about the recent developments in the subject.
  1. Analyse the strength and weakness of each student.
  2. Try to understand the strength and weakness of each student. Once you understand focus on how overcome their weaknesses. Don’t compare them with others. Accept their weaknesses. At the point, I would like to make an interesting correlation between students and corporate managers. Berlin Meredith in his book “why they succeed or fail” has identified nine team roles for corporate managers. They are
    1. The resource Investigator- a creative individual
    2. The coordinator- a highly disciplined and controlled individual
    3. The plant- the original thinkers
    4. The team worker- a highly supportive and co-operative person.
    5. The specialist- an extremely specialized and professional person
    6. The sharper- an individual who loves challenges
    7. The implementer- an individual who likes to get the work done
    8. The completer- a person who checks each and every minute details

On close observation you will notice that this categorisation applies to students as well with the help of these and roles, a teacher can identify the category for each student and work accordingly.

  1. Encourage self enthusiasm among students.

“ when you are strong enough to love yourself 100% good or bad, you will be amazed at the opportunities that life presents you”- stancey charter

The students are usually full of inquisitiveness. Repeatedly they associate studying with pressure rather than pleasure. If observed carefully, most of them are just physically present and mentally absent in the class. Hence, it is very important to involve them in studies. Share some interesting case studies. Have a sense of humour. Be sincere and nor serious. Maintain a positive relationship with the students.

Students who are informally motivated will study for knowledge, self development, enhancement of skills, or even for the feeling of achievement but an externally motivated student performs for better marks, grades, placement or events to avoid punishment. A University must foster self esteem, proficiency, decision making, independence, self confidence and self respect among its students.

  1. Teach them the importance of positive attitude- “a man lost almost everything in a fire. Next day he placed a sign board. Shop burnt, house burnt, goods burnt, but faith not burnt…Shop starts tomorrow. Let me share with you a small anecdote of legendary wimbledon player Authur who died of HIV infection. He received millions of letter from his fans. One of them said. Do you ever ask God “why me”. He replied, 50 million children watch tennis. 5 millions learnt to play tennis. 50,000 learn professional tennis 5,000 come to the circuit, 50 reach the grand slam , 50 reach the wimbledon , only 4 reach the semifinals and 2 reach the finale when I was holding the cup I never asked god, why me? So why should I now?

Ensure that they don’t bank too much on luck. Nothing is impossible as the world itself says that I am possible. So tell them never to completely surrender themselves to date or destiny spread a smile. It is contagious, be passionate and excited. Change your teaching techniques as well. Never abuse the other teachers or colleagues or your institutions in the presence of the students

  1. Be their genuine friend, philosopher and guide-

Being a teacher is not child’s play. A teacher is expected to be an organiser, a leader, a trendsetter, a guardian, a researcher and a specialist. They are responsible for the physical, mental and emotional development of the entire things. According to jere Brophy (1987) motivation to learn is a competence acquired through general experience but stimulated. Most directly through modelling, communication of expectations and direct instructions or socialization by significant others ( patents and teachers) .A teacher knowledge attitude perception , behaviour, techniques and style of interaction can easily transform the level of students motivation for better by making them understand how their learning can be applied in real world. A teacher should inspire, lead, motivate and challenge the students to get emotionally involve in any task they purse, share your knowledge as much as you can. Set your standards. Be aware of your duties and responsibilities.

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Vice chancellor

Kalinga University


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