Imagination is the better way to Achieve Goals

Ms. Anjali Swamy

Assistant Professor - CSE DEPT

Imagination is a beautiful word in our life. We mostly, always want to be lost in our Imagination. In other words, we may say that “Imagination” gives birth to our “Success” through our “Dreams”. It is human nature that what we like, we see it in our dreams to achieve that, and then we move forward on the path of our dreams.
“Goals take birth in our Dreams and Dreams are our Imagination, where Imagination is the thinking process of our mind and mind follows the instruction of our eyes to Achieve Success”.
In technical terms if we talk about Success then there are certain Premises and Conclusions, which are as follows:
1. Human eyes see the Success of an Entrepreneur, and set the goal to become an Entrepreneur.
2. Eyes think about the Entrepreneur all the time and that gives birth to Imagination in our mind.
3. Mind starts working on Imagination which starts sketching ideas in our mind which makes us feel happy.
4. The same Imagination we can see in our dreams while we are in a relaxed mood.
5. And finally our relaxed mood decides to fulfill our Dreams which are created by Imaginations.
So, in conclusion, we can clearly say that “Imagination is the better way to achieve our success”.
Success Mantra:
See “Good” things always, it will keep you thinking about good things. This gives birth to positivity in your mind and this positive mindset creates a successful Imagination that takes you on the way to your success in life.

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