Impact Of Covid-19 On Fashion Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected our work life, but it has had an impact on all the areas of industry including travel, product, architecture and even fashion and garment industry. Governments all over the world have not only slowed down the manufacturing of garments but also limited the supply of fashion outfits to slow down the spread of virus. There has been a major effect on fashion brands due to this pandemic. At the same time, the fashion industry faces challenges in consumer demand. But garment industry sustained even in such conditions by shifting its focus from garments to innovative and designer face masks, which really boosted their sales as it was the first and foremost precaution to be taken by people to safe guard themselves from Corona Virus.

Manufacturing has really slowed down by great extent as import export has been badly affected. Major fashion industries that had enough surplus of raw materials, are the only ones able to keep up the manufacturing pace to their standards.

Sales of the fashionable garments, be it haute couture, prêt or casuals has been affected as major part of the world is doing work from home. No outings, no sightseeings, no fun time with family and friends to a recreational area has been allowed, leading to majority of people staying at home during COVID times. Hence, demand for fashionable outfits has also been at decline stage.

Fashion shows, Exhibitions and Events have taken a back seat as social gatherings have not been allowed. So, during these pandemic times, designers and fashion houses have made their debut through online mode of fashion shows and their display of creations and imagination. Many National and International designers have created their online platforms, where they can showcase their creativity even during such pandemic situations.

Although face masks are a source of protection from Corona Virus, but production of face masks emerged as a revolutionary change in fashion industry from just protective masks to 3-layer fabric masks, to designers’ masks. We have a wide range of face masks available now and it has emerged as the latest trend.  An outfit called ‘Trikini’ became instantly famous in Italy: it’s a three-piece garment which consists of a two-piece beachwear and a matching mask.

Due to closing of retail stores, a huge demand for online shopping has emerged during this time, as people worldwide have stayed home, and online shopping has been the best possible way through which they can protect themselves from the virus. Lots of fashion labels have made their presence available on online shopping sites, and have even created selling options through their websites as it has been the need of the current times.

No doubt, Corona Virus will have a lasting effect on fashion industry and it is going to change its working culture forever in coming future.

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Mr. Kapil Kelkar

Head Incharge

Fashion Design Dept.

Kalinga University

Naya Raipur

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