Let Go- Be Easy While Busy

Ms. Shilpa Sharma

Assistant Professor - Faculty of Commerce & Management Kalinga University

Stress or Burnout is caused in today’s working environment because of the challenging and demanding

atmosphere at work place. According to the study , done on the compulsion of working environment,it is found that the work place is full  of   targets & deadlines. The quality of work performed by the workers is less qualitative and the mind of the workers become uneasy or stressed due to which, although they are  present in the organization ,they are  not able to  contribute their 100% in the work because their mind is already preoccupied with  stress of the working environment. Hence, we should examine those factors that causes stress and pressure and does not allow to have a relaxed mind at workplace, so that this can be avoided while we are busy in working organization. Also, we can learn few techniqes which can help us to remain unaffected while performing our jobs.

Circle of constructiveness and Circle of  anxiety  are the two circles around which our thought process revolves .So we should make the list of things we worry about the most and then we should check that this thought of ours comes under which circle. If it is constructive, then it is good and if it falls under the  circle of anxiety, then we should not waste our useful time in thinking about things which we can’t control because negative vibrations are released due to which our mind gets disturbed and distracted.  We should rather generate Positive thoughts because it keeps our mind calm  & relaxed while performing our jobs.

Spiritual Life Helps being Easy
We humans are spritual beings and we should always understand what are the needs and wants of our soul , so that we can live a balanced- life .When we come to  know how to organize our spritual life, we become clear about what we want from our life and we start spending our day fruitfully . By having a spritual life, we really get the clarity about the things that really matters to us and  the things  that should be thrown out.

Therefore , each and everyone of us should take out few minutes for self-assessment, meditation and prayer, so that we will get the chance to know ourselves- “who am I and what is my goal  & priorities” so that our mind will always be easy while we are busy.

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