Live life to its fullest extent

Dr. Vijay Bhushan

Arts & Humanities Department Kalinga University, New Raipur

The first day of our fourteen days FDP is still fresh in my memory because of one statement which had continuously shaken me very deep from inside. It was the task given by our beloved Registrar sir Dr. Sandeep Gandhi  to write our own obituary to be published in the news paper soon after our death. This task was a very strange thought for me because it had never ever cropped up in my mind before that time. This brain storming opened up lot many strange contemplation to actualize it internally like a widespread conflagration. Finally I got an insight that obituary would reflect that aspect of my life which world has seen about me. On the contrary what it reflects may not be complete reflection of my real life. But what so ever is written will be certainly some good words encompassing beautiful adjectives and robust proper nouns. So in reality are we really happy with our life? I have already written a lot about life and death in my previous articles. I was  quiet apprehensive about this issue. Finally I got a firm platform to replant my life after reading the book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ by Robin S. Sharma. This book is a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny. So the realization which I have acquired has been depicted here for leading a cheerful life.

So my dear friends blow into your heart and deeply introspect that if you are lying on your deathbed. Will you wish to spend more time in office or rather you want to have some quality time at home with your near and dear ones?  I guess and believe; as a human we all surely will choose to spend our last few breathes with family.  Or just contemplate what if you got up in the morning and you get to know that today is your last day. How will you live that day? Imagine yourself how will you be cherishing the moments with your family members and friends? How will you interact with strangers on your way?   Everyone’s pyre will be lied down and this is a universal truth. We all know at some point of time in our life our body will realise its soul. Despite knowing this all we never live an idyllic life. Just living and existing unceremoniously. We always focus on tragic thinks of life rather than finding ways to make tragic things better. This generation is too much busy in making a living that they have forget to create a life. Our life is similar as rose; we will get thorns and pain in our ways but if you keep faith in yourself, your dream and aspiration go beyond the thorns and gradually more into the grandeur of flower. We should live our life with exultation. I am not saying to quiet everything from life. You need to work hard, hustle and struggle more because they are essential to make a better living but they won’t make our life beautiful. At least don’t sideline your happiness, joy and feel the moments of excitement, have a good guffaw. At last, when you will die and the star you became after your death should shimmer. You can get everything twice or thrice but you will never get life twice once it’s gone. 

There is a beautiful saying in the East that ‘Luck favors prepared mind’ but I believe that the life favors the happy mind and soul. We shouldn’t consider a day as a day   without a heartful merriment or day without internal happiness. Just consistently improve your quality of life which should enrich our mind, fit our body and elevate our soul. If you are unable to go out for a long vacation so plan a small trip. If going out in a fancy restaurant is not pocket friendly you can go out for a picnic with your family. Happiness is not indigent of money. Your financial worth won’t decide the amount of happiness and joy in your life. Try to involve yourself in social gatherings and get togethers. This will not only just give you joy or a sense of happiness also enhance your self esteem and lower down your stress level. Moreover involving in such events and functions evolve you as a person.  Always have some family time in your hectic day this will do magic to your mind and soul. It will burst the balloon of your tension.  Happiness is as essential as oxygen it will rejuvenate all your six senses. You can find the treasure of joy in every corner of the universe. It’s just you who has to hunt for it. Celebrate every moment you live.  And for god sake never say you don’t have time for your own peace and happiness. It’s more like those who say they don’t have time to refill the gas cylinder because they are too much busy in cooking food. Kindly don’t allow your schedule to restrict you from living your life. We are lucky enough that we got birth as a human beings. So just don’t survive your life instead live your life and make it worth living for.

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