Long-Term Climate Change Threat After Corona Virus Pandemic

Amid the humongous pandemic caused worldwide, and loss of lives, the nature- healing is said to be in progress due to implementation of strict quarantine, unprecedented lockdowns and travelling restriction among districts along the states of various countries. As a result, there is a decline in air pollution. But, as per the experts it is just an unintended declination in air pollution due to COVID-19 outbreak. The climate impact during this phase offers a very generous glimpse of corporations’ operation throughout every country resulting in climate change crisis.

For decades, researchers have urged people about the conflicts happening amid planet-warming emissions, which soar upward. “In the midst of global rampant, the climate change is a bigger threat, and we should be prepared for it.” says Peter Gleick, founder, Pacific Institute in Berkeley, California.

“The rampant COVID shows spotlights in response to such urgent threats. But if World leaders and their sub-ordinates work upon the climactic warning it would create a massive impact on slower increasing climate change.” Gleick said.

COVID pandemic has infected around 3,10,000 people and killed around 14,000. Countries like India, China and Italy have locked down infected hotspots and banned the entrance of foreign nationals.

NASA’s Satellite imaging shows significant drops in pollution levels across India, China, Italy and USA since outbreak of the pandemic due to restrictions in air, road and water traffics as well as major industrial complexes.

India has undergone environmental changes in a positive sense without tourism. Yamuna, among the largest rivers in India, faces a transformation due to lesser industrial pollution. Italy’s Venice’s water quality changed in canal due to sediment remains on ground. China on the other hand shows significant changes where air quality improvement is concerned.

“It would be extravagant if we improved environment without crippling economy”, Gleick added.

Scientists argue upon the impact of climatic changes due to Corona Virus, depending on how countries respond to economic crisis.

International Energy Agency added that global pandemic is an issue and warned that it will weaken global investments despite cleaner energies and industrial efforts for reduction in emissions, and has called governments to offer packages that consider climatic change.

But the economic stimulus package, considering global warming, is an unlikely response from many corporations.

Climate researchers warn that this pandemic will hinder global warming action from countries in a long run.

“If the corporations, MNCs and banks invest in fossil fuel infrastructure and continue to bail out then we are digging deeper hole into more violent place. But I think this is a mass awakening moment of our ability to have solicitude for each other” said Sarah Myhre, an environmental justice activist and climate scientist.


URL: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/21/air-pollution-falls-as-coronavirus-slows-travel-bu

Kushagra Pandey

Assistant Professor

Civil Engineering Department

Kalinga University

Naya Raipur Raipur



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