Machine learning and its real world applications.

Sandeep Mishra

Assistant Professor - Department of Electrical Engineering Kalinga University, New Raipur

Machine learning is one of the hottest subjects to talk about in the technical world. Anyone, who is living in this modern world, should have heard about it. For someone who already knows about basics of machine learning and where it’s used, this article will help them to supplement that knowledge. Let’s start it by looking at life before machine learning and all the differences it made so far.

If someone doesn’t know anything about the basics of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), they might think only of robots and machines in science fiction movies. However, most people are unaware of how widely machine learning fundamentals are used in our daily lives. Some examples are

Google Search: People typically turn to search engines like Google for a variety of information and answers. Search engines gather all the information based on your search queries and present the most relevant results. Without Google, this would be cumbersome as one would have to read through dozens or even hundreds of books and articles.

Virtual Reality in the Gaming World: Gesture control is also possible through Machine Learning by tracking body movements, and executing corresponding movements in-game. PS4 and Xbox have introduced virtual reality glasses that bring a whole new level of detail to games. Every time your head moves in the real world, it’s replicated in the virtual world for a great gaming experience

Online Shopping: Even in customer segmentation Machine learning plays an important role which is a critical aspect of the business success of any e-commerce platform. Machine learning helps e-commerce platforms differentiate customers based on what they buy, how often they buy, and reviews. This allows businesses to take care of their customers and ensure their needs are met.

Voice and Facial Recognition

Facial recognition was once just a concept introduced in movies. But machine learning made it possible and many people are now using this feature to their advantage. For example, Facebook automatically recognizes and tags people in your photos, saving you tons of time. Without machine learning, Siri, Cortana, or Iris wouldn’t be able to answer your questions.

Machine learning is an application of AI that gives systems the ability to learn on their own and improve from experience without being externally programmed. Computers with machine learning capabilities might be able to play difficult parts of games and solve complex math equations.

Machine learning platforms are one of the most competitive areas in enterprise technology, with most major vendors such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM providing platform services across the spectrum of machine learning activities, including data collection and data preparation.

The machine learning platform wars will only intensify as machine learning becomes more critical to business operations and AI becomes more practical in enterprise environments. Ongoing AI research is increasingly focused on developing more general applications. Today’s AI models require extensive training to create highly optimized algorithms to perform their tasks. Machine learning is the future, and the future is now, so be prepared for what may come next as the future of Machine learning is unpredictable and innovative.

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