Ms. Rajni Yadav

Assistant Professor - Faculty of Pharmacy Kalinga University, New Raipur

Materiovigilance is associated with unwanted occurrences with the use of medical devices. Medical devices are used widely in health sector areas for the diagnosis or identification of any disorder. The program of materiovigilance was initiated and launched by the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission in 2015 with the aim to record the adverse events associated with the use of medical devices. The aim of this program was to create awareness and improve patient safety. Nowadays medical devices are used extensively by patients for the diagnosis and prevention of various diseases. More than one million medical devices are used to identify the problems in the human body either may be small low-cost devices to high-cost devices. These devices have many benefits but also have potential risks. A number of cases give this evidence that due to defects in this device the devices were called off and also these devices were the reason for morbidity or mortality in patients. In India, the proper monitoring of these adverse events does not follow any pattern. Materiovigilance Program of India (MvPI) initiates to document this adverse event in the form of reporting form and submitted it to National Coordination Centre (NCC) Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC), Ghaziabad. The evaluation of these devices is important for protecting and improving the health and safety of patients. Effective implementation of this MvPI program will prevent the adverse event and will reduce the risk of life of patients related with medical devices.



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