National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC): A boon for higher education

Sarat Chandra Mohanty

Assistant Professor - Department of Mech. Engineering Kalinga University, New Raipur

Education which constitutes the backbone of a country plays a vital role in its development. A country’s progress is only possible if its citizens are dynamic, vibrant, entrepreneur and most importantly educated. Hence upliftment in the education policy along with proper quality implementation is essential[1]. A number of countries have already established a dynamic mechanism for quality conviction in the education system by accreditation and many more are in the process of achieving it. India’s experience in this regard can provide valuable lessons to the rest of the world. The primary objective of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) for the conduct of accreditation in colleges and institutes of higher education is to foster quality of education among the institutions. NAAC Accreditation’s function is to bring out the best in each institution and to aid in its growth in terms of curriculum, teaching-learning evaluation, research and innovation, infrastructure development, student success, governance, and in other areas[2]. Using a continual evaluation procedure, the NAAC accreditation process aids the institution in identifying its shortcomings, strengths, opportunities etc. NAAC introduces innovative and modern pedagogical methods in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) which improves student enrolment both in terms of quality and quantity. Over the long term, it enhances the image of the institution and provides a fresh path to success. NAAC assists the institution in obtaining the required money from funding organizations, so that grants can be released for research as well as expansion[3]. The accreditation process provides institutions with coherent details on the quality of the courses offered, in order for colleges to adopt best practices. Through NAAC accreditation the institution’s systems and practices are in line with its mission and vision. It encourages faculty to take an active interest in academics and to associate in departmental/institutional activities. NAAC is ensuring the parents that their wards experience a teaching-learning environment in accordance with recognized best practices.

Promoting accountability for advancing to great quality and performance is the overriding public interest of the twenty-first century. For survival in the competitive world of globalization, all HEIs should give adequate attention to the quality of education. The NAAC assessment has made significant efforts to instill a quality culture throughout India’s higher education institutions. Higher education institutions with standard educational quality have proliferated recently in the country. However the scenario of HEIs has undergone a significant transformation after NAAC inspection.

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