Never lose HOPE

Ms. Geetika

Assistant Professor - Kalinga University, New Raipur

Dreams are beautiful world of imagination. Having dreams is really important for goal achievements in life. Our dreams start spreading its wings only when we start learning and understanding in life. But what are dreams? Dreams are those which do not let us sleep, and it occupies our thinking for the rest of the day and night. We all want to follow our dreams and passion but understanding the difference between likes and skills is necessary for the process of selecting one’s career. It is difficult to set realistic dreams in life because of certain things that we know how to do and then there are certain things which we like to do hence it is difficult to choose between like and skill. The right choice between like and skill determines the course of our life. Choosing the right battle for you can be beneficial to understand the purpose. We may be good at certain or several things but we may be best at one which needs to be taken into account while choosing our career. It is not impossible to chase our dreams but even if any incident happens that chases you away from your dreams or passion, losing hope is not the necessarily response. When Stephen Hawking got the news of his disease which could kill him after a few months or years he did not lose courage and fought back for his dreams.

            Life sometimes knows our worth and capabilities better than us and it’s an old Indian phrase, “Jo Hota hai acche ke liye hota hai”. Sometimes bad turns can lead to unexpected beautiful destinations that one can never thought of. For example in our history we have read about “Chandragupta Maurya” he didn’t want to leave his mother for his education but later he became the independent ruler of the first undivided “India”. Such is life, it can have great pleasant experiences but bad ones will also come in the package. You must not lose courage to fulfil your life with happiness. If you want to develop, you must not be afraid to bid every part of your effort. So that you won’t feel any regret about not trying enough to get the desired results. You should always keep your mind in control to achieve your dreams. You should not indulge in celebrating after initial winning but start practicing for the next round. This direction of life can lead you to the best version of yourself and your skills. Because when a person faces challenges his/her personality completely changes for the better.

     Life is a fun roller coaster ride full of struggles, where one can be at the top or at the bottom simultaneously. People say that life is good, which has ups and downs because whatever goes in the constant phase is considered to be stagnant. We should never fear failure. We should be afraid of never trying. Being stagnant is as bad as the rotten pond. As a student we should always open up to new challenges and opportunities. It’s never too late to start something new. Life struggles and challenges make you a better leader for future generations, because whenever someone will try to walk on the same path as you, your experiences will become their lessons. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has been the inspiration for generations throughout his life and even after that. He is the perfect example of a success after hard struggles and achievements after really tough struggle gives immense pleasurable feeling. When Dr. Kalam was merely a child he used to sell newspapers, then when he wanted to become an Air Force Officer he had to opt for another field for engineering. Then when he was in DRDO he failed at various experiments while developing AGNI but still we all know he didn’t lose hope and always kept a learning attitude towards life. Even after struggles and changes in desired paths and ambitions he did not accept defeat and that’s why he lives in the hearts of people.

      Our history and life experiences are full of enthusiasm and motivation from different stories from different people whether they are highly successful people who are prominent or who are not so prominent but still we can learn life’s attitude from them like those children who are disabled. Even after disabilities when you try to spend time with them they are always happy to interact and spend time with people. They also inspire to live life happily no matter what the situation is. Your efforts can lead you to the way you want. Do not leave the thread of your dreams but be practical and happy with what you can do and what you can have. This is the ultimate solution for a happy life. Because being successful is good, but being happy is important. Never let the bank account statement of yours or others create havoc in your happiness.


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