Recent Development in Virtual Devices

This immersive virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated, interactive experience that takes place inside a digital world. This primarily involves auditory and visual feedback and other forms of sensor input such as haptic feedback. Environment may be close or incredible to the natural world, generating an experience which is not possible in ordinary physical reality

In simple words: Virtual Reality is a reality which we can feel and see only we cannot touch.

VR is used most commonly in video applications such as gaming and 3D cinema. Virtual reality headsets for users first came out from video game firms. Beginning in the 2010s, Oculus (Rift), HTC (Vive) and Sony (PlayStation VR) launched next-generation consumer tethered headsets, setting in motion a new wave of technology creation 3D cinema being Used for sporting events, pornography, fine art, short films and music videos. Virtual reality is based on a variety of roller coasters and theme parks since 2015.

Virtual Reality Devices:

Virtual reality has been coming for a long time, but now it’s simpler than ever to get an immersive experience at home and take the first steps on VR. There are a whole host of VR headsets available, from strong, high-end headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to smartphone experiences such as the Samsung Gear VR, the new Google Daydream View or the Google Cardboard do-it-yourself.

Virtual Reality box:

Virtual Reality Experience: This 3D VR box headset will take you to an immersive, fantastic virtual world while you’re playing games, watching 3D videos, with this 3D VR kit you’ll find the VR experience incredible, if you want your child to have an unforgettable childhood or make you special, then this 3D glasses would be your option.

Uses for Virtual Reality


VR revolutionizes the sports world for athletes as well as fans alike. This is used in many sports as a conditioning aid and in helping to assess athletic success and evaluate technique.

Often, VR has been used to enhance the viewer’s perception of a sporting event. Broadcasters are now broadcasting virtual reality live games and planning to sell “virtual tickets” to live games one day

Mental Health

VR has been the main approach of post-traumatic stress therapy. One participant experiences a re-enactment of a traumatic experience using VR exposure therapy.

This was also used for managing anxiety, phobia and depression. Virtual reality technology can provide a comfortable place for patients to come into contact with issues they fear, while staying in a safe and secure place.

 Medical Training

Medical and dental students use VR to perform surgeries and procedures, thereby allowing for an atmosphere of free learning. The use of virtual patients allows students to develop skills that can be implemented in the real world later on.


Virtual reality was introduced for teaching and learning conditions in education.

Students can communicate with each other and within a 3D environment.

Students may also go on virtual field trips to museums, for example, taking tours of the solar system. Students with special needs like autism can use VR technology. Research has found that VR can serve as a motivational tool for children to safely learn social skills.

 Dr. Guddi Singh

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Kalinga University





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