Role Of Scraper Reclaimer In Mining

The scraper reclaimer machines can generally be subdivided into front facing reclaimers and side scrapers. Portal scraper reclaimers comprise a boom with scraper blades suspended from an A-frame which travels on rails along a stockpile. Scraper blades are attached to the chain and also to ‘scrape’ the coal towards the reclaim conveyor. Most of the portal scrapers within the industry will have a bent chain to move the coal from the underside of the collect to a discharge point above the reclaim belt conveyor. Other industries, e.g. the cement industry, would use a rich concrete table, over which the fabric is dropped onto the belt conveyor. This eliminates the requirement for the chain to be bent but, as stated earlier, it’s a costly exercise when it involves the development of necessary civil works. The scraper boom is lowered after each traversing travel and, with that, cuts into the pile because it reclaims the coal. The portal reclaimer won’t have any blending effect if the stacking method is cone-shell. With the strata method, a particular but very limited blending effect for the coal will be achieved. The portal scraper reclaimer gives an enormous amount of flexibility to the operations since the machine can jaunt any point of the pile and is ‘not stuck’ or trapped within the centre of the pile. The portal scraper operations are often fully automated and simply combined with a stockpile management system. The semi portal reclaimer and side scraper operate on the identical principle as described previously: they reclaim the fabric from the side and may take the pile to any point at any time. They’re usually lower in initial investment for the machine itself, but additional costs could be created by structural additions for buildings and supporting walls. When considering a requirement for the best degree of homogenization the simplest option is to seem at front-face reclaimers. This group of machines includes bridge type scraper reclaimers, reclaiming material at the front face and at foot of the pile on the entire width of the pile. The fabric is either free flowing towards the bottom of the pile or is activated by means of rakes (full face, half face, active rakes or small scrapers). The fabric is reclaimed onto a reclaim conveyor. The scraper chain with the attached scraper blades is

pulled around and towards sockets and is suspended underneath a lattice girder or box-type bridge. Travel drives on the pendulum and therefore the fixed side moves the machine during reclaiming operation and relocation.

Rahul Kumar

 Assistant professor

Mining Engineering Department

Kalinga University

Naya Raipur



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