We live in a world that is becoming increasingly globalised and linked. Barriers in trade, commerce, banking, industry, research, technology, education, and other fields are crumbling, and will continue to do so in the future. SOUL (Software for University Libraries) is a cutting-edge integrated library management system conceived and developed by the INFLIBNET Centre. according to the needs of college and university libraries There are numerous types of library automation software accessible in India, including commercial and open-source software. As a result, the SOUL2.0 programme was chosen for this study to evaluate the report-generating aspects of library in-house processing activity.


  • To figure out what kind of software is being used.
  • To figure out what OS systems are in use.
  • To learn about the software’s modules.
  • To determine which options are available in the OPAC modules for Acquisition, Circulation, and Serial Control.
  • To learn how the software is kept up to date.
  • To figure out how the database was backed up.
  • To determine the type of network connection that is being used.
  • To figure out how to enter data.

Despite the fact that several types of software are available, only CDS/ISIS and SOUL will be compared in terms of their features, capabilities, and services, as well as their application in library management and record administration.


Major Features and Functionalities

  • Supports cataloguing of electronic resources such as e-journals, e-books, and virtually any type of material; • Compliant to International Standards such as MARC21, AACR-2, and MARCXML; • Compliant to NCIP 2.0 protocol for RFID and other related applications, especially for electronic surveillance and self-check-out & check-in; • Supports digital library needs and makes it easier to link to full-text articles and other digital objects:
  • Supports authority files for personal names, corporations, topic headings, and series names; • Supports data interchange via the ISO-2709 standard; • Provides a simple budgeting system and single-window operation for all primary circulation functions;


  • The phrase “library automation” refers to the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to replace manual library systems.
  • The system could be integrated or not, and it may be used on a local area network.
  • Any or all of the following functions could be automated: Acquisition, cataloguing, and circulation. Management and reference of serials

Installation SOUL 2.0 installation is broken down into three parts: –

  • Database Installation • Application Installation
  • Installation of utility services

Modules in SOUL 2.0

 SOUL 2.0 includes the following modules: Administration • Acquisition • Catalogue • Circulation • Serials Control • OPAC and WEB OPAC

About Software for University Library (SOUL) SOUL 2.0 complies with worldwide standards such as the MARC21 bibliographic format, Unicode-based Universal character sets for multilingual bibliographic entries, and NCIP2.0-based electronic surveillance and control protocols.

  • SOUL2.0 is available in two different versions.
  • For small collection libraries, there is a limited edition, and for large collection libraries, there is a full version.


In today’s world, the library profession is extremely vital. Users, institution management, government authorities, NAAC, staff, and others can inquire about the library’s day-to-day operations. The entire process of selecting library software packages is quite difficult and time-consuming.

 It also necessitates a thorough understanding of current library systems and trends in addition to a thorough understanding of current library systems and trends. It also necessitates familiarity with various software packages. Acquisition of books, cataloguing of reading materials, circulation of reading materials, serial control, and other sorts of information are all critical for future development. It will take more time and money, and it will not be tested, thus it is preferable to use a tested software package built by a reputable agency.

 Various reports are offered in each module of the SOUL 2.0 integrated library management software. Customizing reports in software is a useful alternative for libraries to meet their needs. As a result, these reports are valuable to all types of users and libraries in a short period of time. In the future, INFLIBNET users can submit new report software requirements based on library needs.


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