The Power Of Placebo Effect: Sweet Spot

Mind can be a powerful healing tool when given a chance, thought that your brain can convince your body a fake treatment is the real thing ‘the so called placebo effect’. It’s more than a positive thinking, which sometimes exert an enough powerful influence on patients that make them to believe a treatment or procedure will work. It’s all about creating a stronger bond or faith between mind and body where they together work in the process of healing. Also there are evidences that sometimes this effect is enough potent to mimic the actual therapeutic effect of the drug. They are best known for effective management in conditions like pain, stress, insomnia, nausea, fatigue etc. Inspite of this sometime disbelieve towards the treatment or lack of faith can create nocebo effect too. This means even if medicine contain the active principle it’s not ascertain to work, so counseling patient and manipulating its psychology, however mechanism of placebo action is not understood yet but it involves some neurobiological reactions and increase in activity of endorphins and dopamine activity in brain which are regions linked to mood emotional reactions and self-awareness. In practical life when you look around the situations your goals and the challenges to beat them. You will find placebo effect works here too. Till you have hope to succeed and you are not ready enough to give up, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Your will, self- determination, positive thinking and self-exposure will eventually boost this placebo effect. Placebo effect do work positively as the real function of the body normal physiologic process. Researchers have published th edata showing the results of placebo’s in healthy volunteers as well as patient with medical difficulties. The effect is really helpful in geriatric patients whose treatment is completely focused on the mental psychology of patient individual. Placebo is a proven treatment with meaningful therapeutic actions by the amplitude of time and factors in various population of different parts of world. Efforts and funds are raised to do a exhaustive detailed research and clinical tests in patients with numerous medical complications to ultimately aim in improving the effects of placebo’s over coventional drug system. This area will ultimately improve patient compliance and also help the physicians to cure their patients using their pschyology and minimal drug usage. In coming future medical science can use this principle effect as a emerging area of interest for major diseases also and consuming many medicines can harm the patients body and mental health also.

Ms. Rajni Yadav

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy, Kalinga University.

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